"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

-Elon Musk

Meet Jon Majak

Jon is a serial entrepreneur from South Florida. With over 25 years of business experience, Jon excels in leadership, marketing, sales and business systems. He built and sold several companies including one of the busiest service companies in Florida, Power Clean. After selling the company, he launched Mr. Pipeline, which helps growing service businesses measurably scale to the highest level possible through results-driven digital marketing.

He started from humble beginnings and is passionate about helping others leverage adversity into the life and business of their dreams. In his down time he travels, plays basketball, listens to all types of music, writes poetry, advocates for mental health and spends time with family.


Meet Jon DeLeeuw

Jon is a powerhouse leader with tremendous experience from both the corporate and small business realm. Jon excels in leadership, strategy, execution and explosive growth systems. He led in Fortune 500 companies and has scaled over 10 businesses to seven and eight figures. He is passionate about helping others and turning complex obstacles into methods that are built for massive scale. He built several advertising businesses from the ground up and knows what it takes to get the job done a high level. 

He is passionate about health, wealth and living the best life possible.  When Jon DeLeeuw isn’t busy growing organizations, you can catch him playing baseball, softball, going to sporting events, traveling the country or doing anything fun on the water. 


Hyper-focused on Growth

The path to success is long and challenging. We work hard to make this process as easy and fast as possible. At Capitello Investments, we accelerate growth on every level. 

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