Investing Done Right.

We invest in Small Business, Technology and Real Estate. 

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What We Do

We invest into businesses, technology and real estate with one goal in mind- to provide massive value and growth.  

Business Turnarounds

We help home service business operate at the highest level. We take the admin, marketing, operations, and sales divisions to the next level.  

Software & Digital Assets

We invest in into technology, Whether it’s a tech start-up, SAAS platform, NFT’s, or other Digital Assets, we can add value.  

Res & Comm. Real Estate

We invest into Residential and Commercial Real Estate. Looking to sell your property? Let us know and we will do diligence to see if it’s a fit. 

Growth is Everything.

We look at everything we do as a partnership. The strongest partnerships are built on trust, communication, authenticity and laser focus. 

Hear what my clients say

“ Working with Capitello Investments has been a game changer for me. Our business was stuck and I couldn’t get off the truck. CI injected expertise and working capital into our company and we finally broke free. We are finally making over 100k a month and it would have never been possible without their support. 

Sean Paterno - GutterWorx

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